Professional Business Email

Professional Business Email

Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider in the industry that supports public cloud services and provides fast, secure, and stable services.

Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider

Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider (ESP) in the industry that supports public cloud services. It provides smart and efficient email management services based on the same security architecture as Tmall and Alipay. Alibaba Mail integrates features such as email management, online calendar, and contact management, and works seamlessly with existing office software applications to achieve better scalability and integration capability. This service offers enterprise users a brand new collaboration software solution.

How alibaba mail service help improve your bussiness

Stable and Secure

Built on Alibaba Cloud Apsara System, the service provides multiple layers of protection and comprehensive monitoring capability to guarantee your email security.

Open to Integration

The service offers multiple open APIs and supports Single Sign-On (SSO), user data synchronization across multiple terminals, and Active Directory authentication to meet integration requirements.


Calendars and schedules can be synchronized across all terminals. Advanced features such as meeting room management, schedule check are also integrated to enhance collaborative capability.


No limits are set on the number of emails in each account. The service overcomes the limits of traditional email services and provides unlimited mailbox storage.

Why choose Alibaba Mail?

Alibaba Mail connects multiple terminals to synchronize calendars and schedules, and offers useful email management features.

You can centrally manage work schedules and meeting invitations, and share your calendar with contacts.
You can enter the at sign (@) followed by a contact to quickly add the email address of the specified contact to the list of recipients.
Mobile applications fully compatible with iOS and Android devices are provided, making office work more efficient.
You can add custom labels to classify and manage emails based on habits.
You can back up files to the cloud, and share files with contacts.
You can use multiple windows to read and write emails, and modify account settings at the same time to enhance efficiency.
You will receive notifications when unusual logon attempts are detected. This helps ensure the security of your accounts.
You can recall unread emails sent to Alibaba Mail systems.
You can easily query logs to find information about user logons, email sending and receiving, and deleted emails.

An efficient and cost-effective email solution for enterprise users

Standard Edition

A Highly Cost-effective Choice

Advanced Edition

Larger Storage at Reasonable Prices

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