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    Zoom Video Conference Solution for Education Center

    Zoom Video Conference Solution for Education Center

    In times like these when everyone is limited to their houses, our future must not suffer, and especially the process of learning should never stop. We understand the needs of businesses, specifically those which are crucial for the society’s development.

    With KHCOLO’s remote solutions ZOOM Rooms, education centers can continue their teaching sessions just the same. Zoom Rooms come with a complete package including camera, hardware, license and software. It comes in two options i.e small rooms to medium and medium to large.

    Zoom allows teachers to teach through power point presentations. They can listen to students’ questions, feedback and answers. Everything can be scheduled, multiple students can be added and they can learn their relative subjects from their homes.

    These remote solutions are simple to deploy and use. They are affordable and our purchasing system is tailored specifically for a great resale value. Zoom offers the best picture resolution and matchless audio quality.

    So if you have been looking for a solution for your education center, schools, colleges or simply online courses, contact us today and get the best solution!

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